Beth Nervig, Assistant Digital Food Editor
Better Homes and Gardens, Des Moines, Iowa:

I have had the pleasure of working with Olivia since she was placed with our digital food team for Better Homes and Gardens last September through the Drake Apprenticeship program. As the assistant food editor for, I oversee the majority of Olivia’s tasks on a day-to-day basis. From the beginning, I was impressed with Olivia’s upbeat attitude and willingness to take on any project. In addition, Olivia was able to learn all of the necessary computer programs, operating systems, and analytics software we use everyday.

Olivia has many strengths that make her an asset to our digital team. First and foremost, she is able to juggle multiple projects and meet deadlines while working in a digital environment that demands tight turnaround and quick thinking. Whether a task needs to be completed in two hours or two days, I know I can expect excellent work from Olivia. In addition, she easily troubleshoots problems and comes up with creative solutions. Lastly, her excellent writing skills require minimal editing which not only saves our team time, but also allows for more content creation on the site.

Overall, Olivia is a high-performing, hardworking and outgoing member of our team. Her ability to multi-task and edit writing accordingly, while remaining organized and on-task in a demanding work environment, make her an excellent candidate.


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