Nicole Bruene-Vukelich, Director of
Internal Communications
Aviva USA, West Des Moines, Iowa:

Olivia was an intern for the Corporate Affairs team at Aviva USA during the summer of 2012. She worked full-time and performed a variety of duties, including everything from writing feature news stories for our intranet site to helping plan, set up and tear down booths at outdoor sponsorship and employee events.

Olivia was also the “unofficial” leader of our four other interns in our larger Marketing department. Olivia managed her own time juggling work requests from eight people on our team and delegated work to the other interns when her workload was heavy. She was also the one they turned to when they had a question or weren’t sure what to do.

In addition to her excellent writing and oral communication skills, Olivia seems comfortable interacting with all kinds of people in different situations. We never hesitated to have her meet with any of our employees — from senior leaders to cafeteria workers. She is able to think on her feet and always has a smile on her face.

Olivia would be at the top of my list of potential candidates if we had an opening for a full-time position.


If you’d like to speak with any of my references, just let me know using the contact form. I’ll connect you as quickly as possible.

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